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ICMN-TV has hired MindTaffy Design to create the digital media 3D eBook content and campaigns for the internet, smartphones, tablets, eBook eReaders and virtual worlds environments. A link to ICMN-TV websites can be found in the LINKS section of this website. Their sites are data-optimized to be viewed on either desktop or mobile devices. Total page weight is less than 8KB of code per page making ICMN-TV's websites or 3D eBooks lightning fast on any network internationally.

Mind Taffy Design Digital Campaigns support all consumer electronics devices, including NetBook, Smartphones, Tablets, iTVs and eReaders. What sets Mind Taffy Design's Digital RIA Content and UI Design apart from the rest of the market is our Total Campaign Filesize for the entire User Experience. MindTaffy new media assets total less than 1 Megabyte of data footprint, so they work instantly via slower networks, supporting every country in the world, not just developed ones. This is done via open source software technology such as: HTML5, Java, Android, GoogleTV, PDF and similarly robust platforms. Additionally, MindTaffy new media campaigns are "rendered" in real-time on the viewing platform, using it's internal processing power, which means that our applications run faster/smoother than server apps.